Bipplab Ghosh

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Bipplab Ghosh

Bipplab Ghosh is a highly skilled and talented video editor, graphic designer, and motion graphics artist based in Kolkata. 

With his exceptional creativity and technical expertise, he has made a significant impact in the world of film and media.

Currently serving as a Video Editor at David and Goliath Films, Bipplab plays a crucial role in shaping the visual narratives of the projects undertaken by the production house. His keen eye for detail, storytelling abilities, and proficiency in video editing techniques allow him to craft compelling and captivating visuals that bring stories to life on the screen.

Additionally, Bipplab Ghosh holds the position of Senior Video Editor Cum Graphic Designer at Speaking Mirror, where he further showcases his prowess in multimedia creation. 

Combining his video editing skills with graphic design expertise, he adds a dynamic and visually engaging touch to various projects, ranging from promotional videos to corporate presentations.

Bipplab Ghosh